Is it good to pack solid wood floors at home

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Is it good to pack solid wood floors at home

Is it good to pack solid wood floors at home

Solid wood flooring as an important class of composite floor, whether solid wood flooring is good or not? This is not a common question. But is it for people who are preparing for home decoration to install solid wood flooring at home? So today we'll see what the real wood flooring has, and some of the options.

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At present, there are two main types of composite flooring on the market, solid wood composite floor and reinforced composite floor. Solid wood composite floor can be divided into three layers of solid wood composite floor and multi-layer solid wood composite floor, if it is indoor decoration with three layers of solid wood composite floor. Three layer solid wood flooring is made of three layers of alternating layers of wood pressing, the surface is high quality hardwood, common to the species of birch, oak, maple, cherry wood, cork is a middle layer, the bottom layer is veneer is arranged, arranged in a crisscross pattern. Such a structure makes the three floor solid wood flooring not only has the advantages of solid wood flooring, but also adjusts the internal stress of wood, which changes the natural characteristics of wood changing with season and dryness and humidity.
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Composite wood floor surface is taken from natural wood, so it has the same natural wood floor pattern, comfortable, good insulation properties, but also avoid the disadvantages of easy cracking up solid wood flooring. Nowadays, precious forest resources are decreasing. Many countries have begun to restrict timber logging and export. Timber resources are increasingly scarce. Solid wood flooring is less wood than solid wood flooring, so it is more environmentally friendly.
In the process of home decoration, when choosing solid wood flooring, it can be considered from the size of the home first. If the room is large enough for lighting, it can choose dark and coarse wood parquet, which can make the large area of the room look steady and compact. [url=]plastic wood grain sheet for floor[/url],If the room area is small, you can choose a light wood composite floor, giving people a warm and broad sense of vision.